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Samena Capital Group (“Samena”)

Samena Capital was established as a principal investment group focusing on the Subcontinent, Asia, Middle East and North Africa (collectively known as the SAMENA region). Samena Capital invests in private and public companies that are stable mature businesses across Asia and the Middle East. It has raised US$1.1 billion of assets since 2008 and has returned US$550 million in capital from over 45 full and partial exits. 

Samena Capital currently manages total capital commitments of approximately US$650 million across three primary investment strategies: private equity, direct investments and credit.

Samena Capital invested in Flemingo International (“Flemingo”) in 2014 and is providing strategic guidance on its growth as well as access to its unique network of entrepreneurs, business families and policymakers to unlock further growth opportunities for Flemingo.


Cartesian Capital was founded in 2006 by Mr. Peter Yu and the senior management team of AIG Capital Partners, Inc. ("AIGCP"). Cartesian is a global private equity firm with proven expertise in assisting closely held companies to expand internationally. For over 17 years, Cartesian has developed an extensive record of successful investing around the world including Flemingo in 2014.

Cartesian team of 23 talented professionals has more than 200 years of combined international private equity experience. Cartesian team has been responsible for pioneering transactions in markets around the world. Many of Cartesian team professionals have worked together continuously for over 17 years, ensuring consistency in our investment strategy and execution.

Samara Capital

Samara Capital is an entrepreneurially-run India focused private equity fund. Being an entrepreneurial firm itself, Samara values and understands the importance of relationship comfort, freedom, trust, nimbleness and flexibility, which is what it seeks from and gives to its partner entrepreneurs. Samara Capital invests with the vision of working with the entrepreneurs / management teams as co-owners of the businesses.

Samara is focused on sectors or business models that offer large opportunities or are poised for rapid transformation and super-normal growth, or a combination of both. It has a strong focus on the consumer / retail sector and has done many prominent investments in this space including investment in Flemingo.

Samara Capital is playing a catalytic role through Assisting in business strategy, Financial structuring and financing strategy, evaluation of growth opportunities through M&A. Enhancing internal control systems and corporate governance and ensuring consistency in our in investment strategy and execution.

Albright Capital Management

Albright Capital Management LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“ACM”) provides investment management services on a discretionary basis,

Primarily to U.S. and non-U.S. collective investment vehicles sponsored by ACM.

ACM is an independent investment adviser focused on special situations in the global emerging and frontier markets. ACM is affiliated with the

Former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Alblright and her geopolitical consulting group the Albright Stonebridge Group. ACM approach is value based, often contrarian, and executed by an experienced investment team with interdisciplinary skills across EM markets and geographies.

CDIB Capital International

CDIB Capital International (“CDIB Capital”) was established in 2006, as the private equity arm of China Development Financial (“CDF” or the “Group”) with the objective to deploy and diversify the Group’s proprietary capital outside of Taiwan, laying the foundation for a premier regional private equity asset management business.

CDIB Capital invests in compelling growth oriented companies seeking to capitalize on cross market opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region with industry expertise, extensive local knowledge and regional footprint enable CDIB Capital to collaborate with portfolio partners to boost enterprise

Since then, CDIB Capital has broadened its investment aptitude managing proprietary capital and third party capital, from a wide range of sources including high-net-worth individuals, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, funds of private equity funds, insurance companies and banking institutions located around the world.  

CDIB Capital operates independently and manages approximately $1.2 billion in proprietary and third party capital.

CDIB Capital invested  in Flemingo  Mezzanine Capital  in 2013 and providing strategic guidance in Flemingo’s growth.